These Stories

This blog is dedicated to sharing newspaper articles from the past in hopes that maybe I, and maybe you, will find links and connections to our ancestors.

If I can easily discover the standard genealogical markers for an individual in a story, I will add the information to the post–and I will try to make the story available on other genealogy sites. Please, if you find a story about your ancestor, feel free to attach the story to the appropriate record on other genealogic databases. There is no need to give credit back to this blog. Just make sure you include the newspaper information, which does need to be credited.

But, I may not be able to quickly find the information easily. My hope is that a search engine will guide those looking for information on those particular people to their stories.

The Sources

Note: I am transcribing these stories as they are, because I want you to be able to trust the information I post. Some of the language, tone, and attitudes are offensive. I am sorry and embarrassed about that, but I want to get the information out there and make it accessible and searchable–all of it.


The Commonwealth – Newspaper from Scotland Neck, North Carolina. This is the first newspaper that I am going through in a methodical and organized fashion. While I am trying to include as much as possible, I am not transcribing every article and ad from the paper–it is just too much.


American Recorder – Newspaper from Washington, Beaufort County, North Carolina. Issues begin in 1815, “published every Friday by I.M. Williams at three dollars per annum, payable half yearly in advance” (published near the top of the issues).


La Grange Vidette – Newspaper of La Grange, Lenoir County, North Carolina, published only in 1875 and only the February 26th issue preserved on microfilm. The byline (not readable on the scan of the printout from the microfilm) reads: “Devoted
to Politics, News, Literature, Religion, Temperance, Science and the Arts, and
to the Diffusion of Knowledge Among Our Fellow Men.” I think that is worthy cause for a newspaper!


Realizing how much useful information is contained in these newspaper articles, but also aware of the decidedly one-sided picture offered during this time period, I looked for African American newspapers. Many thanks to the NC Archives for responding to my request for help in forwarding this link to me. Given the time periods I am working on and my desire to keep to the same general areas of the state as my own research interests, there was not much available. I chose the The N.C. Republican, and Civil Rights Advocate out of Weldon, NC, and, finding nothing else in the immediate vicinity of my areas of interest, I also chose The Banner Enterprise out of Raleigh, NC. There is only one issue of each preserved on microfilm: May 22, 1884, for the Weldon paper and May 31, 1883, for the Raleigh paper. I wish there were more papers and more issues of these papers available–for the information they might contain and because I enjoyed reading the articles that were available in the single issues of these two papers.


Anamosa Eureka – This was a newspaper out of Iowa. There is no rhyme or reason to which stories from that paper appear on this blog. I was doing other research and, if a headline or word caught my attention, I saved it to transcribe here later. While it is unfortunate that the stories selected are so few and randomly selected, these stories are what inspired this venture. So, for that, I am grateful. I have no connection to Iowa (that I know of yet!).

Of note, since starting this project, I have become aware of a digitized collection of newspapers from Jones County, Iowa, that is available here through the Jones County Genealogical Society. So, if you have ancestors from that area, be sure to try some searches there to see if any stories pop up! The stories that I have transcribed on this blog are the ones I found randomly while reading through microfilm, as noted above.


Please feel free to comment with additional information about an individual in the story if you have access to that information!


4 Responses to These Stories

  1. Barbara D says:

    Great blog! Newspapers really help flesh out a person’s story — reveal so much of the context of a person’s life.

  2. Amy says:

    Thank you for following my blog Brotmanblog. I had not yet found your blog, and I love this concept. I have found that newspaper stories can really add a lot to understanding who our ancestors really were. I will need to explore the blog a bit more to see whether your coverage includes areas where my ancestors lived—primarily New York City and Philadelphia.

    • Finder of Stories says:

      Thank you!

      Unfortunately, it is slow going–so I think I will be working on the articles from North Carolina for quite some time. One line has stayed in North Carolina for generations upon generations. Another line started out on the East Coast, but steadily moved west over successive generations until they hit Washington and Oregon. (I guess the Pacific stopped them for a bit!)

      I completely understand that this blog is only of interest to a very small group of people. Some of the stories are interesting in their own right. But, we all have a limited amount of discretionary time, and it seems like you have a great project of your own.

      I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far.

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