W.T. Whitehead Plants Peanuts, 1883, NC

year 1883

June 7, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page)

We learn that Mr. W.T. Whitehead has planted forty acres of land in pea-nuts on his farm near Meritt’s bridge. He thinks that he can easily produce 100 bushels per acre. His land is rich and it is well adapted to the pea-nut culture.




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One Response to W.T. Whitehead Plants Peanuts, 1883, NC

  1. Oh my Lord.
    First I want to say that I’m so new to WordPress, that it took me 30-minutes to figure out how to leave a comment.
    I’m from Enfield, NC. Well really I’m from what we have always referred to it as “Beaverdam.” I presume it’s called that because of Beaverdam Swamp, and on old maps “Beaverdam” is at a T-intersection, where Hwy 561 intersects with Beaverdam Road (which I believe use to be Route 3).
    I farmed with my father, Sam Hamill Jr. for many years, and always heard talk of Halifax County being the largest peanut producing counties in the state. I know that the county lines have changed dramatically since 1883.
    I was just so surprised to see post having to do with Scotland Neck, I just felt like I should comment. Sorry for it being so long.
    Marcus Hamill

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