Accident at Shingle Mill of Ed. Stirewalt, 1883, NC

June 7, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 2d page)

[From Here and There Section]

Leg Torn Off in a Shingle Mill.—On Thursday last Mr. Ed. Stirewalt, a prominent citizen of Cabarrus county, where he does a good deal of his business, met with a distressing accident in his new shingle mill at Mill Hill, by which he lost one of his legs, from the knee down. He was working with the machinery, when, by some unaccountable accident, his foot was caught in the saw and was torn to pieces, together with the ankle and part of the leg. Dr. G.G. Smith attended to the wounded man and found it necessary to amputate the leg below the knee. Mr. Jacob Stirewalt was in the city Thursday, and knew nothing of the accident that had occurred to his son until he reached home. Journal –Observer.


[Unfortunately, according to dates found on Find A Grave, it appears that he died from this accident before the paper went to press. The accident happened in Cabarrus County, possibly on May 31, 1883, (depending on the time lapse of “Thursday last” and when it was picked up by this paper), he died on Sunday, June 3, 1883, and this paper in Halifax County (picking up the story from another paper) was printed on Thursday, June 7, 1883. 

He was born July 29, 1851, so he was about a month shy of his 32nd birthday.

On Ancestry, the 1880 census shows that he would have had two sons, ages in 1883 approximately 5 and 4. Find A Grave shows another son who died at the age of 1-1/2 in 1882. Thus, in the span of one and a half years (January 1882 to June 1883), his wife lost a toddler son and then her husband in a horrific accident. Her name was Ella Virginia Summers Stirewalt.]



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