Hal Shannon Dreams of Florida, 1883, NC

June 7, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 2d page)

[From Here and There Section]

Goldsboro Bulletin: Mr. Hal Shannon thinks of going to Florida, but when Hal gets out there and observes a swamp full of alligators smiling at him on one side and a garrison of mosquitoes bowing to him on the other, a wild yearning will seize him for the land of his birth.


[There is a single man, H.C. Shannon, on the Goldsboro, Wayne, North Carolina 1880 census, born about 1857 (or 1853), who was a druggist (Ancestry). It appears that Hal may be a nickname for Henry, in this case, as there is a marriage record on Family Search for Henry C. Shannon of Goldsboro, same birth year. He married Eliza Galloway on December 8, 1881. An H.C. Shannon of Goldsboro was then the father of a boy, Thomas Ray Shannon, born on August 9, 1887. Jack Shannon may have been born in 1883 and Lucy Shannon in 1885 (the mother on these records is listed as Lila). 

Family Search ID might be L6YZ-9KP.

So, if these are all the same individual and the individual in the article above, I do not know if he ever made it to Florida. Please be careful taking any of this information–it should be verified and checked more closely for internal consistency.

Interestingly, a H.C. Shannon, a retired druggest turned traveling salesman, died in Haw River, North Carolina on May 10, 1918. His age was listed as 72, which would make his birth date about 1846, which is significantly off from the data listed above. However, much of the information on the death certificate (Family Search) is unknown. He was born in Elizabeth City, which some other trees indicate might be the H.C. Shannon above. Also, Find a Grave has a good photo of a gravestone for H.C. Shannon in Haw River, Alamance, NC, who died May 10, 1918. That gravestone lists a birth date of January 16, 1863. So, it is all very confusing and there could definitely be multiple individuals in this description of records.]



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