Remembering Rev. Thomas G. Lowe, NC

year 1883

May 31, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page)

Rev. Thos G. Lowe.—Rev. Dr John E. Edwards, of Virginia, writes as follows to the Raleigh Christian Advocate of the late Rev. Thomas G. Lowe, the great pulpit orator of North Carolina. He is writing of 1840 * *  “But, Bro. Lowe, gifted as he was, did not rise to the top of his rare ability except under circumstances every way favorable to the untrammeled and easy operation of all his intellectual facilities. He was a modest, timid man, was easily embarrassed. Hence, he sometimes made signal failures. * * * I have heard him on such occasions, on the Roanoke Circuit when he preached. His imagination was a great creative faculty. In description he was unequalled. In grand, gorgeous, word painting neither Bascom nor Munsy ever excelled him. And yet Bro. Lowe was not a great reader. Indeed, he read comparatively few books. He was fond of the great poets, and quoted them with readiness. In theology he had mastered Watson’s institutes. He was familiar with the Scriptures; but the great open volume of nature was his principal text book. Such men are exceedingly rare—appearing here and there at long intervals. “Take him all in all, we shall rarely look upon his like again.”—Roanoke News.


[I would like to read his sermons! I wonder if they exist anywhere.

Please see Methodism and the Halifax Church, which gives some helpful information about a Reverend Thomas G. Lowe that I think must refer to this individual. He is mentioned particularly on pages 1 and 9. If this is, indeed him, he was born August 10, 1815, and died February 13, 1869.]




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