Brilliant Wedding Planned of Haywood and Holt, 1883, NC

May 31, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 2d page)

[From Here and There Section]

A brilliant wedding takes place at Haw River this evening (Wednesday), at the residence of Col. T.M. Holt. Alfred W. Haywood, Esq., of Raleigh, is the fortunate suitor that leads Miss Daisy Holt to the hymeneal altar. —Alamance Gleaner


[Alfred William Haywood was born in July 1853 or 1856. Interestingly, the 1900 census lists Daisy Haywood as the head of household and Alfred as husband. I have never seen that before. It may just be that the census-taker talked to her first and then had to continue on with what he had. Alfred Haywood’s occupation is listed as manufacturing cotton goods (if I am reading it right) on that census. On the 1910 census, they are in their expected positions as head and wife, and he is listed as a lawyer. He died in 1916 of acute dilation of the heart and had had diabetes for three years. A detailed obituary on Find a Grave indicates that he was feeling well on Tuesday in court, was suddenly taken ill on Wednesday, and died Sunday. 

Louise “Daisy” Moore Holt was born March 16, 1861, and died September 10, 1952, of lobar pneumonia. Per Find a Grave, her parents were Thomas M. Holt, the 47th governor of North Carolina, and Louise Moore. So, yes, I am thinking her wedding was a “brilliant” affair and would be picked up by other state newspapers.] 



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