The Smithwick Land of J.J. Bryant and Others to be Auctioned, 1883, NC

year 1883

May 24, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page)


I shall sell for cash to the highest bidder at the Court House door in Halifax on Monday, the 4th day of June, 1883, the tract of land lying in Halifax county, known as the Smithwick land, adjoining the lands of Jesse DeBrule and others, containing one hundred and forty acres, or so much thereof as it will take to pay the State and county tax due for 1882 and cost of this advertisement. Said land now belonging to J. J. Bryant and others, and not listed for 1882.

This 3rd day of May, 1883,

J. T. Dawson, Collector,

B. I. Alsbrook, Deputy.

35 4t.


[Further information provided by David Gammon: “J.J. Bryant’s Smithwick land was sold in 1883. He had married Nancy Smithwick Bryant, his step-mother, in 1866. She had previously been married to his father Joseph Bryant, who had died in 1863 somewhere in the Hobgood area. The article notes that the land belonged to J.J. Bryant and others. I presume “the others” to be the three surviving children of Nancy Smithwick by her first husband Joseph Bryant, as well as her two children by her stepson Joseph J. Bryant! One of those children by the first marriage was my great-grandfather Benjamin Franklin Bryant (1858-1932).”

Thank you!]



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