“Bangs,” A Poem About Women’s Hairstyles, Ernest Harte, 1883, NC

year 1883

May 24, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page)

[For The Commonwealth.]


By Ernest Harte

There are some handsome gentlemen,
But not without their fangs,
Who ventilate their little wits
On females wearing bangs.

And while these handsome gentlemen
Are “banging” all the girls,
They never say a single word
About their hidden pearls.

Well now, why don’t these gentlemen
Just practice what they preach,
And by their good example
A wholesome lesson teach?

But, alas! indeed, ‘tis often
The chestnut locks we find
Steal softly o’er the placid brow
Of nearly all mankind.

But remember this, fair daughters,
It’s always been the fashion
For might lords to vent their rage
On you, in every nation.


[A quick search did not reveal any information on the identity of the author. Of course, the name might be a pseudonym–someone having an “earnest heart.”]



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2 Responses to “Bangs,” A Poem About Women’s Hairstyles, Ernest Harte, 1883, NC

  1. I have a feeling we have some different connotations and maybe denotations for some words today . . . . Great find.

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