Peter Presly Smith dies May 4, 1883, from Consumption, Halifax County, NC

year 1883

May 17, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page)

In Memoriam
Ringwood, N.C.,
May 8th, 1883.

Died at his residence in Halifax, near Ringwood, N.C., on the 4th inst., Peter Presly Smith, after a long and protracted sickness of that terrible disease to the human family, consumption. The deceased was born in the county of Halifax, N.C., on March 3, 1828, and was therefore in his 46th year.

He was a kind husband, a devoted father, and a good neighbor. He leaves a sorrowing widow and ten children to mourn their irreparable loss; but they mourn not as those without hope. He professed faith in Christ a year or so ago, and ever since has given fruits of his Christian virtues and of a life consecrated to his Maker.

All that medical skill and the unremitting nursing and attention of kind friends could do was freely offered and bestowed on him. Yet the grim monster claimed him for its victim, and his wearied spirit has been released from the trammels of the flesh, and is now, we trust and have reason to believe, basking in the realms of heavenly light, where there is no sickness, no sorrow, no pain nor death.

A happy home has been invaded and its paternal head taken; a devoted wife has been made to feel the deepest pangs of sorrow in the loss of an affectionate husband, and ten interesting children left fatherless to buffet the waves and meet the cares, responsibilities, and trials of a cold and heartless world.

Honor, integrity, sobriety, and virtue adorned the life of the deceased; and although he has passed on the other side of the river, and will never more mingle in human affairs, yet his memory will be fondly cherished not only by his family, but also by a large circle of relatives and acquaintances.

We learn that the deceased was a Mason, and this is a sure guarantee that his widow and orphans will never suffer.

Adieu, friend and neighbor; peace to thy mortal remains, and may we who survive thee be admonished by thy early removal to put our houses in order so that when called on like thee, may be ready to meet the Summons of death.



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