Mr. Reede’s Dancing School, Washington, NC, 1816

American Recorder 1816January 19, 1816 (American Recorder, a newspaper of Washington, Beaufort, NC, 1st page)

Dancing School.

Mr. Reede respectfully informs the Parents and Guardians of children in Washington and its vicinity, that his


will commence on the 4th Wednesday in January, at Mr. Langley’s long room.

            Those Parents or Guardians who wish to have their children instructed in the polite accomplishment of Dancing, may rest assured that every exertion shall be used on his part to render them so far accomplished to meet the approbation of those who may please to patronise his School.

            The School will be taught four days in each month, commencing the 4th Wednesday and continuing until the end of the week.

            Tuition, $ 10 per Quarter–$ 3 of which to be paid in advance.

            Jan. 12                        tf 37



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