Tom of Petersburg, Virginia, in 1815

Washington 1815

June 30, 1815 (American Recorder, a newspaper of Washington, Beaufort, NC, 4th page)

100 Dollars Reward

Ran away from the subscriber on Sunday last, his Fellow TOM, well known for 5 years past as the Carrier of the City Gazette to its patrons along East Bay Street, and the Wharves, &c adjacent. Tom is about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, of a bright yellow complexion, and as good a Pressman as any of his color. He reads and writes, and may have forged FREE papers with him; has a mild look and voice when spoken to. Tom formerly belonged to Mr. Dickson, late Editor of the Petersburg Intelligencer, Virg. And has a mother living at Petersburg, to whom he has been in the habit of writing by the name (it is believed) of Mary West. It is presumed Tom has gone on board some vessel which sailed from this port on Sunday or yesterday (Monday), as it is ascertained that he was on a wharf on Sunday morning pretending to want a passage to the Camp Meeting, which was then holding at Goose Creek. As Tom has gone off without any pretence, or provocation whatever, never having received a blow with the knowledge or consent of his master, 25 Dollars reward will be paid his being delivered to the Master of the Work-House in this city, if taken within the limits of Charleston District; 50 Dollars reward if taken without the District, in the limits of this state; and 100 Dollars reward, and all necessary charges paid if taken without the limits of this state, and lodged in any Jail so that I get him again.

                                                E.S. THOMAS

Charleston, S.C. May 2                   10 3wg


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