Sisters: Mary Montague and Mrs. James H. Lawrence, NC, 1883

year 1883

March 15, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page)

Miss Mary Montague, of Wake Forest, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Jas. H. Lawrence.


[Mrs. James H. Lawrence has the most genealogically informative gravestone I have ever seen. Her name was Ann Elizabeth (after her mother Ann Elizabeth Jones) but she went by the name of Minnie (which is also the name on her death certificate). Her father was Dr. Henry Walker Montague. She was born in Wake County January 21, 1843, and died August 29, 1916. Her younger sister Mary was born in 1861, so there was approximately 18 years between them. Mary would have been 22 at the time of this visit.

Although the 1900 census shows that James and Minnie had been married 10 years, which would have made their marriage date in 1890 (after this article), the marriage record on shows the date of marriage as 8 November 1882. The 1880 census does show Minnie living at home with her family of origin. So, Mary came to visit her big sister four months after she got married and made a new home.]


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