Civil Rights Advocacy Includes Notes About Women, 1884


[This newspaper is listed as an African American newspaper, but it truly appears to have been a comprehensive “civil rights advocate.” Interspersed with the typical ladies fashion notes are the items below about women from around the world.] 

May 22, 1884 (The N.C. Republican, and Civil Rights Advocate, an African American newspaper out of Weldon, NC)

News and Notes for Women 

A woman in Connecticut has been made a notary.  

Mrs. Mary Mapes Dodge, the writer and editor, gets $8,000 a year, it is said. 

Twenty-one of the twenty-eight ward school principals in Indianapolis are women. 

The woman market is down now in Tunis, Africa. Wives only bring from $20 to $120 a head.  

Laura White, an American girl, has been admitted to the special school of architecture in Paris. 

Telephones in Switzerland are exclusively in the hands of women, who are paid $260 to $800 a year. 

Dr. Sarah L. Weintraub, a graduate of a Philadelphia medical college, is going to practice her profession in the ancient city of Damascus. Male physicians are not allowed to enter the women’s apartments there. Dr. Weintraub will have all things her own way.  

4th page? [difficult to tell because of the condition of the paper]

In Buffalo there is a Woman’s Union, to advance the interests of the sex in general. There are classes for instruction, in which women may learn penmanship, typewriting and bookkeeping. 

Cynthia Ceres, a young Illinois schoolteacher, took up a wheat farm in Dakota three years ago. Now she is a jolly healthy girl with a fine farm of 320 acres and $2,000 in money. She is independent for life. She has only to raise a wheat crop every year.


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