B.O. Savage Invents a Cotton Machine, Halifax County, NC, 1883

year 1883

March 8, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page)

–LATEST INVENTION–Mr. B.O. Savage, near Scotland Neck, has conceived and constructed a machine which he thinks will pick cotton from the row and at the same time deposit it in sacks. Mr. Savage tells us that every practical man who has seen the machine says that it will do the work for which it is designed. Mr. Savage visited Washington City last week with the view of procuring a patent. We have seen a letter from the patent office, and he receives much encouragement in his enterprise. There is no such machine in operation. And it is the inventor’s opinion, together with that of all who have investigated the matter, that it will certainly prove a success.


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