David Deberry Kills Moses Robinson, NC, Jan. 15, 1875


February 26, 1875 (La Grange Vidette., a newspaper of La Grange, NC)
For the Vidette
Montgomery Co. NC
February 15th, 1875
Editors of the Vidette:

. . .

                There was a homicide at the “Mountain,” (P.N. Stanback’s summer residence), in this county, on the 15th ult., by David D. Deberry, who killed a negro man named Moses Robinson. Deberry was coming from Lilesville with his wagon, and driving up to the Mountain, fed his team where there were two “Liquor” wagoners also feeding, and surrounded bya crowd of whites and negroes, all drinking and carousing. As soon as Deberry drove up, the negro, Mose, being under the influence of liquor, and noted for his “manhood,” proposed to wrestle with Deberry, who is also noted for his “manhood.” Deberry declined the challenge on account of a lame knee. The negro at length walked up and took hold of him and endeavored to force him to wrestle. Deberry pushed him away, telling him to go away, for he would not wrestle with him. The negro again advanced and caught hold of him, when Deberry pushed him off the second time. The negro advanced and caught him the third time, when Deberry seized him, and they began to shove each other about in a rough manner, the negro tearing Deberry’s coat in the scuttle, and during which, Deberry demanded: “What do you mean? And what do you want?” The negro replied, “D–n you, I can shoot as quick as you can,” and ran his hand into his pocket and pulled out something, either a knife or a pistol, witnesses could not tell which, and seemed to be trying to do something with it. Deberry seeing this, pulled out his knife with his right hand and stabbed the negro, and then ran behind his wagon as if to screen himself from the negro’s pistol shots.
                The negro died within ten minutes, the knife having penetrated his chest between the third and fourth ribs, and entered the right ventricle of the heart.
                Deberry surrendered himself to the Township Magistrates, who, after a thorough investigation, bound him in $5,000 to appear at our next Superior Court.
                The negro was considered insolent and violent when sober, and worse when intoxicated with liquor, which, no doubt, was the cause of this unfortunate affair.



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