George W. Branch, NC, died January 21, 1883

February 1, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page, 2d-3d columns)

Resolutions of Respect

At a called meeting of the Enfield Agricultural Club, held in the office of J.J. Robertson, esq., on the 22d inst., Col. D.C. Clark, in a few well-timed and feeling remarks, stated that the Club was called together to express our feelings relative to the sad bereavement which has befallen us.

Upon motion, D.C. Clark, William Bennett and J.M. Parker were appointed a committee, who submitted the following:

Whereas, an Allwise Providence, in His inscrutable wisdom, has seen fit to remove from our midst our esteemed friend and fellow member, George W. Branch, who departed this life at his residence on Sunday the 21st day of January, 1883;

Resolved, 1. That while we bow in submission to the infinite goodness and wisdom of our Creator, yet we feel most poignantly the sad blow that has been inflicted upon us as a Club.

Resolved, 2. That in his death we have lost one of our most esteemed and useful members.

Resolved, 3. That we have been called on to mourn the loss of one whose very impulse was that of friend and brother to our institution.

Resolved, 4. That we feel more sensibly this sad affliction, because at his death he was President of the Club.

Resolved, 5. That not only the Enfield Agricultural Club feels this sad bereavement, but also the entire community, of which he was an useful and charitable member.

Resolved, 6. That in his death his family has sustained an irreparable loss, and in its circle a void has been made which can not be filled.

Resolved, 7. That a copy of these resolutions be published in the “Roanoke News” and in The Commonwealth; that a copy be sent to the family of the deceased, and that they also be spread upon our minutes.

[If he is the George W. Branch in Enfield that I am finding on the 1880 census, he was only about 33 at the time of his death, having been born about 1850.]


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