G. W. Bryan Appointed Freight and Ticket Agent, NC, 1882


October 5, 1882 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3rd page, 1st column)

The large brick warehouse will be completed in about two weeks. It will be the largest warehouse on the W. & W. Railroad, except the one at Goldsboro. It is 38 by 162 feet. Mr. G. W. Bryan has been appointed freight and ticket agent. He is at home in a railroad warehouse, and makes a first-class agent in every respect.


[This appears to be George W. Bryan born in July 1851. The 1880 census shows him as a RR agent. Although that census shows his birth to be about 1855, he was a boarder (it may have been a guess by someone else) and subsequent census records show a birth of either 1852 or 1851, with the 1900 census showing the July 1851 date. If this is him, he later married Nellie and continued to work as a railroad agent or a farmer later in life.

Please see comment below from December 28, 2013. Mr. Ellington provides the following additional information: “G.W. Bryan [was] George Washington Bryan . . . His sister [was] Julia Adelaide Bryan.  They were from Johnston County, NC.  I believe he had a son, Ennis Bryan, that was a lawyer in Scotland Neck.”

Thank you!]



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7 Responses to G. W. Bryan Appointed Freight and Ticket Agent, NC, 1882

  1. mrted57 says:

    How did you find such an interesting article from so long ago?

    • Finder of Stories says:

      Focusing on a location where I have hit a few walls in doing genealogical research, I ordered duplicate rolls of microfilm from the state archives. I decided that, since I am reading through most of the articles as I look for information on the microfilm, I might as well put the stories up for everyone, whether they are about people I have a research interest in or not. Besides, it may turn out that there is a connection to some of the other people as I do more investigating. You just never know.

      So, I am reading the newspaper from 1882 in Scotland Neck, NC, on microfilm, and transcribing as I go!

      • mrted57 says:

        That’s dedicated,

        • Finder of Stories says:

          That’s one way to look at it.

          Here’s the other way:

          Quite by accident, while doing research on an unrelated project that required me to go through old microfilmed newspaper stories, I found I enjoyed reading the old stories, and I also realized that there is a lot of information about people in them. I enjoy working with those old stories more than watching TV or reading the latest fiction (although I do love a good book now and then!).

          Rather than dedication, it is just a different sort of recreation.

      • Charles Whyte Ellington says:


        G.W. Bryan (George Washington Bryan) is a relative of mine. His sister, Julia Adelaide Bryan, was my Great Grandmother. They were from Johnston County, NC. I believe he had a son, Ennis Bryan, that was a lawyer in Scotland Neck.

        • Finder of Stories says:

          Thank you for sharing the additional information! I am thrilled that you found an article about one of your relatives.

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