The Young People Off to School from Scotland Neck, NC, 1882

September 14, 1882 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3rd page, 3rd column)

Off for school to-day–Misses Sallie Branch, Berta Pittman, Annie May Whitaker and Estelle Hunter, accompanied by Mrs. B. F. Whitaker–Suffolk Female Institute. Misses Maggie Grunter and Maud Estes–Peace Institute, Raleigh, and Mr. F. H. Whitaker, Jr., Western Maryland College.


[Please note: I usually like a few more identifiers before glancing at genealogic records than are contained in the above article. I took a look on these because they should have all been students and in that age range. But, the information below really is conjecture. There is not  enough to say definitively that these are their correct identities.

 Sallie Branch was born about 1866 to John Branch and Josephine Hunter. There is a great photo that is probably her mother Josephine on the Shuler and Knight Family Tree on On, Sallie’s ID# is LD5C-GQZ.

I believe Berta Pittman is Roberta Pittman, born August 18, 1864, to Ruffin A. Pittman and Martha “Pattie” Green. The Find a Grave web site notes that “Aunt Berta,” was apparently relatively wealthy. Her ID# is K2VX-8KG.

As far as the three Whitakers above, I believe Annie May Whitaker is Anna May Whitaker born in 1868 to Benjamin Franklin (B.F.) Whitaker and Ann/Agnes O. Hannon (thus, Mrs. B.F. Whitaker). Annie May’s ID# is KZRF-YRQ.

Although Annie May had a younger brother Frank H. Whitaker (so, his initials match), he would have only been 12 in 1882. Instead, I believe F.H. Whitaker, Jr., is Ferdinand Hannon (F.H.) Whitaker, Jr., born in 1862 (so, he would have been 18) to his father of the same name and Louisa Elizabeth Sarah Deberry. F.H. Jr.’s ID# 9N34-D1J. 

Both Whitaker families lived in Enfield, Halifax, North Carolina, but I did not quickly see a relationship between the two fathers, B.F. Whitaker and F.H. Whitaker. According to the tree on, there does appear to be a relationship through Ann/Agnes Hannon (Mrs. Whitaker), but I am confused why her maiden name is Hannon and not Whitaker. I would have to take more time to decipher it. I will leave that to the descendants, at this point.

Maud Estes may be J. Maud Estes who was living in Upper Fishing Creek, Edgecombe, North Carolina, in 1880. She was born about 1869 to Llewellyn Gerrish (L.G.) Estes of Maine and Julia of New York. The MaryGroverEhrgood tree on has two photos of the father of this Maud Estes and ancestry (and this tree) has an interesting story about his service during the Civil War.

I really could not find enough information on Estelle Hunter or Maggie Grunter to make guesses as to their identity.]


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