The Schools of Scotland Neck, NC, and the Teachers, 1882

September 14, 1882 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3rd page, 1st column, near bottom)

We have five flourishing schools in town. The Vine Hill male and female schools have over seventy scholars; Miss Sallie Speed’s school in the Greenwood end of town, and Miss Kate Fenner’s school in Clarksville, are both full, and Miss Bettie Cocke is conducting the free school for whites near this place.


[From my quick look, Sallie Speed (spelled Speede on many records) was born in 1854 to John Henry Speede and Ellen Jane Edmondson. On, her ID# is 9F9V-9Y3.

Kate Fenner was born in approximately 1858 to William Fenner and Ann Marie Smith. Her death certificate states she was a music teacher. On, her ID# is LD5M-DFN.

I believe Bettie Cocke was born in Virginia in approximately 1859. Further information provided by David Gammon: “Bettie Cocke was indeed from Petersburg VA.  She came to Scotland Neck to be near her three sisters: Virginia Peterson Cocke (wife of William Edward Smith), Nannie Hayes Cocke (wife of Alexander Hall Smith), and Mary Herbert Cocke (wife of Richard Henry Smith.  Bettie Cocke later married a Mr. Hurt and left no children.” Thank you!]




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