Girls Advised Not to Flirt, 1882

September 21, 1882 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 1st page, 6th column)


The practice of flirting with strangers on the street, in the horse cars, in restaurants, etc., “just for fun” without the shadow of an introduction, at best under cover of some flimsy pretext which is at once understood by the opposite party, has grown very prevalent.

Don’t do it, girls. You may have as much pride of character and self-respect as the most punctilious, well bred lady who stands upon strict etiquette, but you won’t get credit for it.

“But it’s such fun to lead them on awhile, and then make fools of them.”

Don’t delude yourself. They don’t see the matter from your standpoint. In nine cases out of ten you make yourselves ridiculous in their eyes, and pamper their selfconceit, which was too well fed before.

We know innocent, pure minded girls do such things thoughtlessly–for love of mischief–one leading on the other. But if they could hear the sly innuendoes and covert insinuations with which their acts are coupled afterward, their slumbering, womanly instinct would be aroused, and they would blush with mortified shame at the motives imputed to them.


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