Minnie (Bell) Stainback, NC, born in 1859

September 7, 1882 (The Commonwealth)

Miss Mattie Bell, of Enfield, is in town on a visit to her sister, Mrs. D. E. Stainback.

[D. E. Stainback (1855) was the editor of The Commonwealth and his wife was Minnie Bell (born 1859). The 1880 census shows them living with Minnie’s father, D. B. Bell (born 1827) and her siblings, including Mattie (born 1865). There is a Bell family tree on familysearch.org. Minnie’s ID# is LD2C-42M and Mattie’s ID# is LD2X-SYZ. On the 1880 census, Florence Scott was a 15-year-old nurse living with the family, as well as 20-year-old L. Allen (it does not state his role.) On the 1860 census, when Minnie was about 1 year old, Mary Bradly (born about 1804) lived with the family. Mrs. Bradly died of typhoid fever in 1870. The 1850 census shows a family headed by Willis and Mary Bradly. Willis Bradley’s marriage record shows his spouse as Mary Bell, married 14 June 1830. I believe his Family Search ID# is KZR-8NG. I will have to do a little more looking at possible duplicate records before I know the ID# for Mary Bell Bradley.]


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