Sam Bradley Charged with Stealing Cattle, NC, in 1882

September 7, 1882 (The Commonwealth)

Sam Bradley, white, charged with cattle stealing, was arrested in Halifax last Tuesday and brought down on the afternoon train by T.J. Field, constable. He is now in the lock-up.

September 14, 1882 (The Commonwealth, 3rd page, 1st column, near bottom)

The sheriff took Mr. Sam Bradley and a darkey, whose name we did not learn, up to Halifax last Friday. Mr. Bradley promptly gave bail for his appearance at the next term of court, and the darkey, failing to find bondsmen, was put in jail for safekeeping.

[Note to Family: I don’t think this is the Samuel David Bradley who was the brother of Willoughby Simmons Bradley, partly because that Samuel Bradley was born in 1867 and so would have been only 15 in 1882. I would think if the Bradley in the above story had been only 15, the article would have made mention of his youth. But, I will watch to see if this story develops further or reveals any more clues as to his identity.]


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