Scotland Neck, NC, Shooting Match August 24, 1882

August 31, 1882 (The Commonwealth)

THE SHOOTING MATCH.–There was a shooting match in this town last Thursday for a fine buggy and horse. The entrance fee was $10 each, and twenty-four chances were taken. The shooting was the best we have ever witnessed and at the close of the tenth round there were ten ties, viz: E B Englehard, 5; Dr Clark, 3; J J Robertson, 1; J G Shields, 1. These gentlemen then proceeded to shoot off the tie, but when the shells had all been exhausted and the shades of evening fell around them, there were nine ties. Seeing that it was impossible to decide, the gentlemen sold their chances to Mr Hassard-Short, he paying them twenty dollars for each chance. We would publish the score, but our columns are crowded this week.

[I am not able to determine much about E. B. Englehard, Dr. Clark, or J. G. Shields.

A John J. Robertson appears on the 1880 and 1910 censuses for Enfield, Halifax, NC. He was married to Martha E. On, his record number is LDKR-KGF. members seem to have extensive family trees, but one is private and the creators have not been on Ancestry for a while. I did not attach this story to the record on simply because I don’t have enough certainty on his identity yet. Some further information: In 1880 F. H./A. Robertson, perhaps his younger brother working in his drug store as well as their cook, Sophronia Scott. In 1910, his niece, Lena Robertson, lived with him and his wife. That census also shows that they had no children.

Even though the 1880 census shows his home to be Tarboro, Edgecombe, NC, I believe Algernon Lawson Hassard Short is the man who bought their chances in the story. The name is rather unique for North Carolina. He was born about 1852, emigrated from England in 1873, and married Routh E. Bridgers who was from North Carolina. The 1900 census shows she was the mother of six with one child living, Catherine, who was born in 1876. Reginald had been born in 1878 and died in 1895. Catherine died in 1910, apparently after that census was taken, at which time she was living in New York with her father and working as a professional shopper by mail. A servant who had emigrated from England in 1889, Elizabeth Bill/Bell lived with them. In 1880, Mr. Hassard Short was a merchant and in 1910 he was a writer for a newspaper (in New York). Routh, Catherine, and Reginald are all buried in Tarboro, even though at least Ruth and Catherine had lived in New York. On the 1880 census in Tarboro, A. L. Wilkinson, a friend from England, lived with the family. His occupation was “gentleman of leisure.” Mr. Hassard Short’s ID# on is KN6C-56X and Routh’s is M72C-8Z2.]


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