Ria, Charles; NC, Has Cart Mishap August 29, 1882

August 31, 1882 (The Commonwealth)

Chas Ria, a descendant of Ham, drove into town last Tuesday perched upon a cart load of vegetables, eggs, beef, &c. Of course he was driving a mule, and when said mule neared Noah Biggs & Co’s steam mill, he seemed to object to the close proximity to steam, smoke and noise, and commenced to run. He took an air line for Jacob Hill’s hotel, ran over the corner of it, upset the cart and out rolled broken eggs, all kinds of vegetables and four quarters of beef, burying the driver beneath the mixture. He managed to extricate himself, however, gathered up what was left in a saleable condition and went on his way rejoicing.


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Executive Director for Quaker House, bringing a little bit of peace through counseling and support to military members and their families.
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