Scott, William and Jane; NC, Seeking Divorce 1882

August 10, 1882 (The Commonwealth)

STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA,–In the Superior Court.

Halifax County.

William Scott


Jane Scott.

In this action the plaintiff seeks a divorce from the defendant and it appearing by affidavit in the case that the defendant cannot, after due diligence, be found in the State.

It is ordered that publication be made once a week for six weeks successive in The Commonwealth, a newspaper published in the town of Scotland Neck, notifying the defendant to appear at the next term of the Superior Court of Halifax at the Court House on the third Monday in September, 1882, there and then to answer or demur to the complaint of judgment will be rendered according to the relief demanded therein,

Witness, John T. Gregory, Clerk of said Court at this office in Halifax under seal of said Court, this 7th day of August, 1882.

John T. Gregory,

Clerk Superior Court.

Branch & Bell,



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