Scotland Neck, North Carolina, Microfilm Arrival

SnC microfilm

I am so excited!

I have enjoyed genealogy and family history research for a long time. Quite by accident, while working as an RA this summer, I found I really enjoy reading old microfilmed newspapers–and that they have a lot of genealogical gems hidden on their ribbons.

So, I looked into getting microfilm from an area of my interest. I found the web site. Eventually, I called and got more information. Then, I sat on the information for about a week or two while I decided whether I could afford to buy duplicate rolls this summer (so I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to check them out and resulting return dates).

I finally decided to do it. I e-mailed. They e-mailed back with instructions on mailing in my order and check. I did that, and waited two weeks. I got my letter returned with corrections written on it–I had misunderstood the listing of the microfilm dates because there were two different publishers of the newspaper during the time period I was looking at. I had overpaid, and the North Carolina Archives kindly sent back my check with the noted corrections. I sent in the new order and the new check and waited two more weeks.

My anticipation has been building over this period of five to six weeks. But the microfilm rolls are here, now! I can’t wait to start finding these stories, about these people, and recording the stories in a more methodical and organized fashion!


About Kindra

Executive Director for Quaker House, bringing a little bit of peace through counseling and support to military members and their families.
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