Scotland Neck and Its Newspaper, The Commonwealth

The earliest newspaper I have access to on microfilm for Scotland Neck, North Carolina, is

The Commonwealth

“The Land We Love”

It appears to have begun publication in early August 1882 with D. E. Stainback as the editor. The first few pages on the microfilm are torn portions of pages.

A note in the August 10, 1882, edition states

The Commonwealth returns sincere thanks to Mrs. James Smith for a beautiful boquet. We are glad to know that our efforts to establish a first-class paper in this town are appreciated by the ladies.

A few of the town’s officials at the time are noted below, as recorded on the first page of each edition as part of the “General Directory:”

Mayor–W.A. Dunn.

Commissioners–Noah Biggs, J.R. Ballard, R.M. Johnson, J.G. Savage.

Chief of Police–C.W. Dunn

Assistant Policemen–A. David, W.D. Shields, C.F. Speed, Sol. Alexander.

Treasurer–R.M. Johnson

Clerk–J.G. Savage

Of final note, these early issues contain an advertisement for the farm of D. Edmondson, which also contains a nice description of Scotland Neck, so I include it here for your enjoyment. As far as his “other business,” I believe he may be referring to his general store, as he runs large ads for that establishment in the newspaper.edmondson ad



Wishing to devote my attention to other business, I offer for sale that valuable farm known as the old Greenwood place containing 268 Acres open and in a high state of cultivation. 125 acres of as good cotton land as there is in the State. The soil is also adapted to wheat and clover, with low ground to make sufficient corn for the use of the plantation. There is a fine dwelling containing 8 Rooms, with Dining-room and Kitchen attached. The whole farm is under a good fence, half of which is plank walling. It has all necessary out buildings, all of which are comparatively new, including 6 tenant houses, four of which are plastered and white washed. Will sell the farm with stock, crop &c., or separately. This place is adjacent to the town of Scotland Neck and partly within the corporate limits, a live and thrifty town with a branch of the W & W R R just completed and to which place trains are now running regularly. There is also a good school on the premises under the control and instruction of Miss Sallie Speed, whose last session closed with 44 pupils, and has just opened with very flattering prospects. Also in sight of 5 churches, viz: Primitive Baptist, Missionary Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian and Catholic. Anyone wishing to invest in such property will do well to come and examine the premises for themselves. I invite inspection of the present crop. Terms will be made liberal and easy.

                D EDMONDSON,

2 2m      Scotland Neck, N C.

This is where our adventure with the people of Scotland Neck will begin.


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