Infant Son of William B. Fish, Iowa, died 1872

July 25, 1872 (Anamosa Eureka, 3rd page, 2nd column, near bottom)

Sad — The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. B. Fish will be pained to hear of the death of their infant son, aged five months. The disease was cholera infantum, with which it was taken last Saturday and terminating fatally yesterday afternoon. What renders this sad occurrence the more painful is the absence of Mr. Fish in New York. We understand that he is expected to return, in answer to a telegram, this evening or to-morrow. The corpse will be packed in ice until his arrival. The sympathy of a large circle of acquaintances is with the deeply bereaved parents and relatives.

[There is a William B. Fish in Anamosa in 1870 and 1885. He and his family later move to Illinois and then he lives in Missouri with his daughter and her husband. That William B. Fish was married to Mary, and their daughter was Frances, born around 1873 in Iowa, who married Robert S. Bennett. This William B. Fish was born in New York. I believe this is the William B. Fish in the above story. His ID number on is LDVN-19X, but I did not add the story or attach it to his record because of lack of evidence about the infant son. That is not surprising, but the 1900 census also notes that Mary is the mother of 1, 1 living (Frances). I will leave it to those doing more intensive research on the family to determine if this is the correct relationship and identity.]


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