Daughter of Mr. Brown of Brown’s RR Station, Iowa, died 1873

July 24, 1873 (Anamosa Eureka, 2nd page, 2nd column, bottom)

FATAL ACCIDENT.–Saturday evening last as train No. 2 on the S. A. & D. Railroad rounded a sharp curve just east of Brown’s Station the engineer discovered a girl lying on the track not 200 feet distant. He whistled “down brakes” but before the train could be stopped the engine and forward trucks of the baggage car had passed over her, severing both limbs from her body and otherwise fearfully mangling her. The girl proved to be a daughter of Mr. Brown for whom the Station had been named. She was subject to fits and was returning from the field where she had been with a lunch for the hands employed by her father.

She had undoubtedly fallen on the track in a fit. No blame is attached to any one connected with the road or the passing train, but the family censure themselves for permitting her to cross the track unattended.–Marion Register


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