Daughter of David Huffman; Monticello, Iowa, died 1873

July 31, 1873 (Anamosa Eureka, 3rd page, 3rd column, bottom)

A STRANGE DEATH.–The Monticello Express of last week contains an obituary notice on the death of a little child of Mr. David Huffman, of that city. The child was 18 months old, and the Express thus narrates the painful circumstances:

“The manner of the child’s death was somewhat singular. On the fourth of July, while attempting to climb into a chair, she fell to the floor, the concussion of the fall causing her to bite her tongue almost in twain. This wound partially healed, but subsequently became cankered, the canker spreading until it reached the stomach, when the little sufferer died. The death of this child marks a sad epoch in Mr. Huffman’s domestic life.”  


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