Bundy, Frank; Iowa, died 1873

July 3, 1873 (Anamosa Eureka)

EDS EUREKA:–On Saturday last a number of Prairie Sabbath Schools met at Storm Springs, on the Wapsie, some three miles from Viola, for a Picnic dinner, accompanied by parents and friends, men and women, to spend a day in social festivities. After dinner the men and boys withdrew down the river some half a mile to enjoy a swim. The place selected was a shallow part of the river where boys could wade with safety. A little farther down was a large eddy, several rods across where men could swim, the water being ten to twenty feet deep. The men had plunged in and swam down the river some distance. The boys were running and splashing in the water, when Frank Bundy, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bundy, getting too near the eddy, stepped off its abrupt edge and sank out of sight. The alarm was given at once, the men hurried out of the river and up to the spot, but Frank had risen and sunk again. The men plunged in and commenced diving, several at a time, but without success. In the meantime a boy had carried the news up the river to the mothers and sisters that a boy was drowning. Almost frantic, down they all rushed, each mother fearing it was her own dear boy. Some men on shore rushed up to stop them, which they with difficulty succeeded in doing. At length the body was found and brought on shore. It seemed an age though but fifteen minutes had elapsed since the men commenced undressing; yet all efforts to restore consciousness were unavailing. The sunshine of their happy day had vanished, and in sadness and sorrow they went to carry the news to the home made desolate. The father was at home, the mother at her father’s in Springville. A boy was sent for a doctor and stating the cause of his hurry, a lad knowing that Mr. Gregg, in town, was the father of Mrs. Bundy, ran in; and Mrs. Bundy being the first one he met he cried out “Mrs. Bundy’s boy is drowned.” Mrs. Bundy fell to the floor like one dead. A doctor was called in and consciousness was so far restored that by 9 o’clock they started for home, she lying on a bed.

The next day Frank was laid away, the tearless eye of the mother showing a suffering too deep for tears. Frank was the sixth child she had thus laid away.–Frank was the oldest of three boys; age some 14 years. The deepest sympathy of the community was felt and expressed.

[This story has been added to familysearch.org here, attached to Frank Bundy, ID# LDV9-TLJ, and each of his parents. The family appears to have moved to California later, and his two younger brothers were Emmor and Orange Bundy.]


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