Nandell, George and Amos; brothers, Iowa, California, during 1874 and 1871

February 26, 1874 (Anamosa Eureka)

A HORRIBLE DEATH.–We learn from Mr. Robert Nandell, of this city, of the death of his brother George in California, aged 22 years. It seems that the latter was engaged with a two-horse team in plowing in his father’s field. Some stock had strayed into the enclosure and young Nandell was about to drive them out when the horses became frightened and started. Nandell sprang for the lines when the point of the plow struck him in the right arm pit, severing the arm from the body. The force of the blow threw him over and forward and the remorseless steel point again struck him, entering his breast and piercing clean through the back, causing portions of his lungs to protrude! The horrible accident was witnessed at a distance by the father, Mr. Charles Nandell, who hastened at once to the aid of his groaning son who was almost swimming in his own blood. Medical aid was procured at Santa Barbara, a town near by, but mortification finally set in and after undergoing untold agonies for three weeks, death came to the sufferer’s relief and he was buried on the 18th inst.

This awful event brings to mind the violent death of another of the brothers, Amos Nandell, three years ago, the 9th of June. It will be remembered that he was descending a hill the other side of the iron bridge with a load of wood, and fell from the front of the load under the horses’ heels. The injuries received caused his death in three days. These terrible calamities fell with almost crushing weight upon the father and mother of these two upright and industrious sons, who have been thus suddenly and violently cut down in the flower of manhood and the relatives and friends in this vicinity feel most deeply the awful fate of him who but a short time since was one in our midst and universally respected.

[This story has been added to here and has been attached to the records of the three brothers in the story and their parents. George Nandell’s ID# is M4DW-11M.]


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