Stoltenburg, Iowa, born about 1860

February 5, 1874 (Anamosa Eureka, last page, last column)

A shocking accident occurred Friday evening, about seven miles northwest of Davenport. A son of Henry Stoltenburg, fourteen years of age, was exercising with a gun which he made from a piece of gas pipe, having given it a breech by pounding into one of its ends a round bolt-nut. He held his home-made gun at an aim and fired, and in an instant was prostrated on the ground, with a terrible wound over his left eye. The nut had been blown out by the powder and was sent crashing through his forehead. The wound was probed, but the nut could not be reached–it was buried in the small brain, evidently. On Sunday his entire left side was paralyzed, and the poor boy lay as if dead, save when a moan would come from his lips. His recovery is impossible.

[I am fairly certain this is Delius/Dayleus Stoltenburg found on the 1870 census for Scott County, Iowa. I have sent a message to an tree owner, even though that person logged on over six months ago, because the corresponding records are not in and because the family member names are German and have variations from census to census. His father was Heinrich/Henry and his mother was Catherine/Kate. I want to leave the records to someone who has worked with the tree so that they are as accurate as possible.]


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2 Responses to Stoltenburg, Iowa, born about 1860

  1. chmjr2 says:

    I like the posting that you do. You find great stories.

  2. Finder of Stories says:

    Thank you. They are not all very happy stories, but at least they tell us more about our ancestors’ lives.

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