Mowry; Iowa, during 1874

May 7, 1874 (Anamosa Eureka, 3rd page, 2nd column)

LUCKY.–A week or two ago we published an item concerning Mr. Geo. Russell’s cold bath in the Wapsie while boat-riding with Prof. C. D. Mowry and Mr. C. P. Cline. In his efforts to rescue Mr. Russell Mr. Mowry dropped from his side pocket a wallet containing $35 in cash, a note for $25 and other papers of value. The water is very deep where the accident occurred, and Mr. Mowry bade his pocket-book a tearful farewell, never expecting, of course, to hear from it again. Twenty-four hours afterward an emigrant was watering his horses near the bridge and found the pocket book, it having floated at least 40 rods! Like an honest man he inquired for its owner, and in due time the property was restored safe and sound. Mr. Mowry considers himself just sixty dollars ahead!


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