Delavan, George; Iowa and California, born 1851

–G. E. Delavan, editor of the Strawberry Point Free Press, gave many of his old friends a hearty handshake last week. George was our old-time devil but he is ambitious and is doing capitally well in his present position. He has hosts of friends in Anamosa.

November 19, 1874

Anamosa Eureka, 3rd page, 1st column, near bottom

[He sounds like quite the character. It is not surprising that his father was a clergyman and his son, George E. Delavan, Jr, became a lawyer, graduating from State University of Iowa in 1903, admitted to the Iowa bar in 1903 and to the California bar in 1904. The George in this story was a printer in 1870, editor in 1880, game warden(?) in 1900, and in real estate in 1920 and 1930. If researching him, all censuses have his last name as Delavan except the 1880, which has it as De Lavan.

This story has been attached to his entry on here. His ID number L7N2-K66.]


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