Brown; James, Katie, and Nathan, died 1874, Iowa

[I felt a sense of relief every time a record was not this family, when I did a quick search for them. To find the record would have been to find the family that experienced so much sorrow. It was almost as though, if I did not find them, then it did not happen. But, if you have a family tree of which they should be a part, please feel free to add them and their story back in where they belong. UPDATE: When I first posted this story, I did not realize I had saved two articles about this family. They are both included here, now.]

AFFLICTED.–Mr. Charley Brown, residing two miles east of Anamosa, is having trouble enough. Early in the summer, during the great wind storm that passed over this section, the roof to his dwelling was blown off and his family more or less exposed to the weather. He repaired it as soon as his circumstances would permit, but that dreadful disease, the diptheria, got into the family and seven were taken sick with it. The disease has already proved fatal in two cases–one daughter nine years old having died a week ago last Tuesday, and one son, twelve years of age, on Sunday night. The unfortunate family receive the heart-felt sympathy of all who are acquainted with these distressing afflictions.

July 23, 1874

Anamosa Eureka, 2nd page, 2nd column, near bottom

* * * * *

Funeral Notice–A sermon will be preached at the Brick Church five miles east of Anamosa on Sunday, at 11 o’clock a.m., Nov. 15, in memory of James Brown, aged 12 years; Katie Brown, aged 9 years: and Nathan Brown, aged 4 years–all having died within a few weeks, of that terrible disease, diptheria. Mr. Charles Brown, the father, is also in feeble health. The grief stricken family have the sympathy of many friends in their bereavement.

The funeral services will be conducted by Eld. J. H. Johnson.

November 12, 1874

Anamosa Eureka, 3 page, 2nd column, midway down


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