Marriage and Wedding Tour of Thomas W. Fenner and Sallie Erwin June 5, 1883

year 1883

June 28, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page)

We are glad to welcome home again our whole soul townsman, Mr. Thos. W. Fenner. He has just returned from his wedding tour through Western North Carolina. He was married to Miss Sallie Erwin in Nashville, Tenn., on the 5th of June. Miss Erwin, we believe, is a native of Florida, her parents having moved to that State from North Carolina. Her many friends and relatives are glad to welcome her in our town. We congratulate Mr. Fenner upon winning the hand and heart of a lady remarkable, at least with us, no less for her talent and accomplishments than for her beauty.


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The Roanoke Monster Near Norfleet’s Ferry

year 1883

June 28, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page)

Roanoke Monster.—Two miles below Norfleet’s Ferry appeared this week and last, a large marine animal 12 to 14 feet long, “as large as a mule,” of a dark color, and seemed to be engaged in throwing out mud, bones, and stumps upon the sand-beach. For several days he seems to remain in nearly the same place, and has been seen by several reliable gentlemen. Two hundred people visited the river Sunday to get a view of the animal. Some of our citizens went down on Monday.


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J. Edwin White, born about 1867, died June 22, 1883, NC

year 1883

June 28, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page)


June 22nd. 1883, J. Edwin White, son of W.K. White, near this place, aged 16 years. We tender our sympathy to the bereaved family, and trust God will temper the blow. The deceased was a promising youth, and would, no doubt have been a pleasure to his parents. God knows best.


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Jerry, Possibly Born About 1786, Perhaps of Tennessee

Washington 1815

August 25, 1815 (American Recorder, a newspaper of Washington, Beaufort, NC, 2d page)

Taken up, & Committed

To the Jail of this County, on the 6th inst. as a Runaway, a negro man who calls himself


And says he belongs to Rodwin Weeks of the State of Tennessee, formerly the property of Lovie Bell and Edwin Beckwith: The said negro is about 5 feet 10 inches high, of a yellow complexion, about twenty eight or thirty years of age. The owner of said negro is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him away.

R.H. Bonner, Jailor.

Aug. 11                       17


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Harriett A. Jones Buried in Wilmington, NC, 1883

year 1883

June 28, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 3d page)

Mrs. Harriett A. Jones, wife of Rev. R.H. Jones, the Secretary of the Christian Brotherhood, died in Norfolk. Her remains were brought to Wilmington, N.C., for interment.

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William Williams of Little-York, Virginia, born approximately 1781

Washington 1815

June 30, 1815 (American Recorder, a newspaper of Washington, Beaufort, NC, 3d page)

Ten Dollars Reward

Deserted from this Post on the 17th inst.

William Williams

A private in my Company, 43d Reg’ U. States Infantry; born in the county of Little-York, State of Virginia, aged thirty-four years, five feet six & a quarter inches high, light complexion, blue eyes, light hair, and by profession a farmer.–The above reward will be paid for the delivery of the above Deserter at this post, with all reasonable expenses.

Henry Garret
Capt. 43d Reg. Inf Com’g.

Fort Hampton, N.C. June 21, 1815. **42.11


For historical time placement, the peace treaty for the War of 1812 was ratified in February 1815. [Not commenting one way or the other, just context.]



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How Hill (x 2), Stilley, and Cox Captured a Steamer

year 1883

July 5, 1883 (The Commonwealth, a newspaper of Scotland Neck, NC, 1st page)

A Brave Act
How Four Confederate Soldiers Captured a Steamer.

Col. R.W. Wharton, of this county, relates the following incident of the late war, which he says he has never seen in print, but which is worthy to be perpetuated:

A few days after the battle of Bentonsville, the 67th North Carolina troops were ordered down on the Tar and Neuse rivers by Gen. Bragg for the purpose of operating on the Federal lines between Newberne and Kinston. The regiment encamped at the north foot of Greenville bridge, and a number of companies, including Company A., commanded by Capt. Tolson, of Craven, were immediately ordered to the territory between the Neuse and Tar river.

About the 10th of April, 1865, four men, belonging to Company A., who were on picket duty near Street’s Ferry on the Neuse river, saw a steamer coming up the river with two barges in tow. The men opened fire on the steamer, which was immediately run to the opposite shore and grounded, and everybody deserted. The side of the river where the steamer grounded was swampy, and she was some distance from the shore, but every one on board jumped into the water and took to the swamp. The four pickets swam across the river, boarded the steamer and captured her papers and flag, which they afterwards delivered to Col. Wharton, commanding the regiment, at Greenville.

Hearing a Federal gunboat steaming up the river, they set fire to the steamer and two barges, containing large quantities of provisions, and swam to the opposite side. The names of the four men were, Alonzo Hill, Geo. Hill, Robt Stilley, and Cox, all of Co. A., 67th North Carolina troops. –Washington N.C. Gazette.

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